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Non-invasive tachometer using IR reflection technique and PIC18F2550

Back in the old days where you won’t find any LCDs and seven segment displays – thus in the past the world of electronic indicators is ruled by the infamous analog dials – the one with the arm that points to values in the back ground. Back then tachometers, which are used to measure rotational speed is made up of a DC generator, the voltage output of the generator is then used to crank up the analog dial to indicate the speed of the shaft of interest – which is given in RPM or rotations per minute. This is not portable since one must attach the DC generator to the shaft either by a coupling or any other means – not to mention the dangers when dealing with high speed mechanical entities. This project demonstrates the use of a microcontroller and IR reflective techniques to build a non invasive tachometer – yup non invasive it doesn’t touch the rotating shaft all you need is a piece of white paper and your good to go measuring RPMs on a speeding shaft.… Continue reading