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Don’t get hit by loud TV commercials anymore

The most annoying things when watching TV is loud commercials. It’s an effective way of brainwashing and there is nothing you can do about it. You can always turn volume down or hit another channel. Techbitar suggests using simple electronics to adjust TV sound on loud commercials. His solution uses an Arduino, sound sensor and IR LED to get things in control. Arduino simply monitors sound level and when it reaches some threshold, it sends IR command to lower TV volume. Device has an IR receiver which allows to record commands from remote, so it can be used for many types of TV’s. Probably you wont be able to watch TV any louder than hard-coded threshold. So this may be a problem in some cases, but a little tweak could solve this problem too. Continue reading

Motorized Curtains with a remote control using an ATmega328

Everything started with a need to indulge laziness – and the wireless remote control was born and from then on everything from televisions, electric fans, air conditioners to door locks came with wireless remote controls. And what’s keeping us from taking the frenzy further? – Nothing! Attach a DC motor to the curtains (giving it a little muscle), integrate an AtMega328 microcontroller power up with an Arduino bootloader add wireless capability and BOooM! A remote controlled curtain for your hard to reach windows. To isolate the AtMega328 from the large current requirement of the DC motor an L293B H-bridge was used, reverse voltage diodes were used for protection. A TSOP 1738 was used to capture IR signals from a PixelView TV Tuner remote control. A step closer to a fully remote controlled home, what’s next? Remote controlled garage door? – Now that’s something even Bruce Wayne would envy. Continue reading

Control up to 8 devices with IR remote

This cool device can be used in many areas. You can connect up to 8 different devices to 8 relays and control them remotely with IR transmitter.   The whole system consist of two parts: IR transmitter and receiver with controlled relays. Transmitter sends RC5 format IR signals modulated to 38kHz carrier. Code is generated by PIC16F630 microcontroller depending on which key is pressed. Receiver also has same PIC16F630 on board which decodes received signal and activates related relay. If you like this project you can build it by yourself as all necessary files are available for download. Continue reading