New Concept of BlimpDuino Board

Did you know? The Arduino related board is the most widespread and commonly used in the nowadays electronic/electrical industry. Many Arduino expertise try their very best to create a much smaller, neater and better Arduino board. Although this might take times to renovate a more sophisticated Arduino technology, but they still thought all of their effort will pay off once it success. Today, I would like to introduce this new BlimpDuino board. With a fast peek, you will discover that the right board is much smaller than the left yellow one. You also spotted that the right green board is somehow lack of FTDI port and IR receivers! You must be wondered, how an Arduino board can miss these important components? Well, Ta-Da! When you flipped the green one to another (bottom) side, those missing components appears like a magic in front of your eye. Well, as you can figure out now, the smart and creative inventor had put all of the IR sensors, FTDI port, on/off and reset switches at the back of the board. Love this smart and… Continue reading