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Welcome to the Wonderful Internet Plug II World!

For those of you here that have the Internet Plug, you’ll realize that it’s a very useful tool. However, it’s still has one downfall, where there is no password protection was available for the Site Player and this is quite unsafe for the user! Now, with the Internet Plug Version II, you’ll get this problem solve instantly! Well, it’s not a hard task to develop this Internet Plug II, all you need to do here is attach a 16F877 processor to the Site Player. After it, the Internet Plug is became Password Protected and the status of the exits is saved in EEPROM (this to prevent the data loss in case of a power failure.) The main objective for this project is to show a simple and effective application for home use, thus the Internet Plug is a web-enabled appliance that you can easily plug it on, as long as you find the power resource. The simple concept and implementation make this project unique. All you need here is a plastic box with a three Power outlets and a computer… Continue reading