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Alert Tube tells all net activity

If you like to be up to date of various event like weather forecast, calendar and stocks, then you should see this interesting project so called Alert Tube. This is a Raspberry Pi based web monitor that updates you with fresh information pulled from internet. You can select the way you wanna be disturbed – weather by color signal or text-to-speach message. Since majority of load is running inside Raspberry Pi, there is not much about schematic building. It just takes no time to add three buttons, speaker and LED strip to GPIO and you are set. Michael Watson placed the PCBs in to nice metallic tube scavenged from wine cooler. Raspberry Pi talks to internet using wireless adapter attached to USB. A detailed build log should be enough to build one for yourself. It runs nicely on Raspberry Pi A model, so if you have one left from upgrading to B then it is ideal project to use it. Continue reading