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Dual Tone Multi Frequency Decoder 2

You’re too bored with your daily life and want to try on something different? If you have interests on the Dual Tone Frequency Decoder (DTFM), then you must check this out… The DTMF decoder 2 is a very easy to use program to decode DTMF dial tones that being found on telephone lines with touch tone phones. You can view the decoded digits on a 16×2 LCD screen. The DTMF decoder can be directly connected to a Serial port, in order for the user to view the digits in Hyper Terminal on a computer. The DTMF decoder 2 will store the last 234 received digits in EEPROM and the contents of EEPROM can be seen on the LCD screen through two scroll buttons. The total power consumption of this DTMF decoder 2 is 12mA. The DTMF has two different inputs: a RJ11 jack (It’s use for connect to the phone line) and a 1/8″ audio jack (It’s for connect to a scanner, tape recorder or audio output device). Beside that, you can use this DTMF decoder 2 for receiving data… Continue reading