Ensuring comfort climate with smart humidifier

The big part of your comfort feeling is related to room temperature and humidity level. And not even comfort, but also a risk of getting sick of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Martin took a little research and found out that too dry or too wet environment is risky. Too dry air can cause allergies, tracheal infections while to wet air is great environment for fungi, mites, bacteria and so on. When summing all factors the golden interval lies between 40% to 60% of humidity. Well temperature in this also plays a significant role because comfort level is directly related to both parameters. If there is higher surrounding temperature we fell better in less humid environment while in cooler area more humidity doesn’t hurt. Having those factors in mind, Martin have built smart humidifier which also connect to internet. His setup is based on his earlier built three channel WiFi relay board based on ESP8266. The control unit is connected to ultrasonic humidifier which doesn’t have much automatics just on/off and intensity settings. Controller takes readings of temperature and humidity from… Continue reading

Handy humidity and temperature sensor on Arduino

Humidity and temperature are important factors in the house. It may be the reason for good sleep, comfort. In the storage room also special conditions are required. Bu in order to maintain such conditions you need to know their value. So plastiboots put a handy humidity and temperature sensor using Arduino. He used well known Newark Sensiron SHT11 Humidity/Temperature sensor. As an indicator, a nice Adafruit 128×32 OLED display was used. It’s a crisp, small footprint low power display. Apart from LEGO seems to serve as great housing. Continue reading