No Moving Parts HMI – The Essential Device for Industrial Environment

The technology is getting better and better every day. Now, there are many industrial have been using the No Moving Parts HMI to help them detects the effects of the human operators’ hands on eight input devices. Honestly, the No Moving Parts HMI (Human-machine interface) is equipped with the high tech MC33794 e-field sensor, which is often being used in many electronics project that involved sensors on it! Technically, the input devices are fully-designed around electrodes to produce responses to human interaction, in either digital or analog form. The HMI is normally had two analog speed control inputs and six digital switches. Three of the digital switches are attached on each side of the two axes. In this case, it can be used to perform the motion control, including of Forward, Reserve and Maintain Speed. Honestly, the great part of the MC33794 is the repeatability of the signals, which is produced by the electrodes. Hence, once an input device is calibrated, the inactivated and activated signals can be easily interpreted by software! In addition, the calibration are going to be… Continue reading