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Ultim809 the ultimate homemade 8-bit computer

For those of you who missed the era of the 8-bit computers here’s your chance to experience the wonders of 8-bit computing through the ongoing project named Ultim809 – the ultimate 8-bit computer. The Ultim809 project was launched in January of 2010, for its core processor it uses a Motorola 68B09E running at 2MHz. Unlike your common 8-bit computer, the Ultim809 has a 512KByte bank switched network of SRAM chips, bank switching is used since 8-bit computers only support up to 64Kbytes. It has support for graphics, sound, IO-peripherals like keyboards, mouse and joy sticks. It also has secure digital (SD) card support for data storage and finally an ethernet module for network communications. Before I forget just like the large board 8-bit computers Ultim809 also used glue logic integrated circuits, does the 74HC and 74LS series ring a bell? We will be waiting till its completion, and we are anxious to see it pass the test as the ultimate 8-bit computer. Continue reading