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Home automation based on ESP8266 WiFi

I bet there are many things you can automate at your home, starting with simple lighting solutions till automatic heater controllers and thermostats. No matter what type of controller you install, you might need convenient way to access to it. Peter Scargill have built really attractive solution for home automation controller which is based on famous ESP8266 board called ESP-12 which has several IOs and is still dirt cheap. He built motherboards for controlling mains loads that have following features: Mains-powered WIFI controller board FTDI-compatibility with auto-reset function Accommodation for solid state or mechanical relay output Temperature sensing using either popular type of sensor All signals brought out to edge connector Fits in an inexpensive box  available on Ebay Uses inexpensive power available on Ebay Debounced input also acts as… Continue reading

Controlling AC and blinds with Raspberry Pi

If anything can be automated then it should be. Chris has an AC which has to be turned ON and OFF with remote. Also he finds annoying task to roll the blinds by tugging a chord. So he found a better solution to get rid of those periodic tasks. Luckily AC and blinds are close to each other, so he put a Raspberry Pi which is connected wirelessly to network. In order to control blinds, he used a stepper motor attached to roller shaft. Motor is driven by using easystepper motor driver. Since Air Conditioner is controller with remote. He attached IR diode and IR receiver to Raspberry Pi. Receiver is used to record IR signal from original remote in raw format. Then signal is transmitter through IR diode when… Continue reading