Heart Rate monitor

This project by the undergraduate students of Cornell University allows you to measure your heart rate along with blood pressure through the use of optical based sensors. Their intention is to gather data for large-scale analysis for the automatic prediction of heart disease. The heart of the project is the ATMEGA 1284p, which is used to control the infrared LEDs that will transmit light which is reflected back to the light to frequency sensors. The microcontroller takes in the signals that reflect pulsatile measurements, and will digitally process these signals into pulse measurements, and send the data through either USB or bluetooth to a PC. The PC will have a GUI that graphically shows the two pulses and the blood pressure and pulse. The mouse unit contains the mouse controller, a mega1284P microcontroller, an ultrasonic sound transmitter, three ultrasonic sound receivers and an XBEE wireless transceiver. The base station contains a mega32 microcontroller and an XBEE wireless transceiver. A GUI has also been created to observe the data without any use of additional tools. The complete mathematics along with the… Continue reading

Informative exercise computer for better workout routine

While riding stationary bike Remik found that it lacks a heart rate monitor. He has a watch with this functionality, but it seems inconvenient and lacks some wanted functionality. This is why Arduino heart rate monitor was born. To capture heart rate he used a chest strap transmitter and receiver from BM innovations that adds most cost to project. Remik attached receiver to Atmega328 using USART interface. Having heart rate information he was able to calculate a series of useful parameters that are displayed on graphical LCD. These are – current heart rate, a % of maximum rate, burned calories estimation, and time spend on exercises. Everything is assembled on a home etched PCB that looks great. Continue reading