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Arduino based Solar energy meter

When you harvest energy using solar panel or wind mill you definitely want to know how much you get of it. The obvious way is to use power and energy meter. deba168 have installed a small 10V solar panel plant at his living place in order to light LED bulb when power goes off. After his setup he decided that he wants to monitor energy outcome of it. So he started another project where he monitors power and energy of his plant. He have chosen Arduino which is pretty easy to get going. Measuring power and energy is a matter of measuring current, voltage and time. Then all parameters can be calculated. Voltage measuring is easy by feeding it to analog input. Since voltage may get a bit higher that Arduino power supply, there is a resistive voltage divider used. Current could be measured by using current sense resistor, but deba168 used current sensor module ACS712 which works by using hall principle. The last parameter – time is measured using Arduino library. Having this he was able to calculate output… Continue reading

This Magnet Float Device Can Perform The Levitation Easily!

Have you ever dreamed that you’re levitating in your dream? Isn’t the levitation is very fun and interesting thing? And, if you’ve the chance to get involve with the magnet float device that can levitate in the air, would you mind to try it out and experimenting it yourself? If you refer to the above figure, you can see that the tiny magnet is oscillates a little bit. However, the oscillations can be adjusted and the magnet can keep levitating for minutes, after a good calibration has been done on it. For your information, the device uses a small Hall Effect sensor and its able to sense the field of the permanent magnet or using the information to modulate the magnetic field of the electromagnet. During the developing project, the biggest challenge that you might face is to separate the sensor from the electromagnet. Honestly, you can get it done by hovering magnet or a magnetic dart. Beside that, you should keep this on your mind that it’s quite hard to buy a small and cheap electromagnet. If you cannot… Continue reading