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Off grid weather station powered by Raspberry Pi

Raspberry is great board for building internet of things stuff. It is powerful and low power to be used with small solar panel anywhere in the field. PiJuice have been working on great solar powered weather station project. It is basically a fusion of two great projects – PiJuice which takes care of solar power management and AirPi, which carries tons of sensors. The problem he run in to was the sensor board, which connects directly to Pi header, but for outside use it is better to keep electronics sealed. So he build his own version of sensor board based on same AirPi. He used Raspberry Pi A+ for its low power consumption and for remote connection hes chosen EFCom Pro GPRS/GSM module which can send text directly to cell phone. Since most of sensors hace analog interface he used MCP3008 ADC converter which can take up to 8 analog sensors. So far there are only three sensors used – LDR, gas sensor (TGS2600) and LM35 temperature sensor. SO the list can be expanded later. Raspberry Pi communicates with GSM… Continue reading

Take a chance in TiDiGino contest

Open-Electronics have a great contest that involve their product – TiDiGino – an Arduino based GSM Remote. All you have to do is to write a firmware for GSM Remote that is built around Atmega2560 based Arduino platform. There even is a chance to get on of 10 give way TiDiGino’s. It really easy to do if you know what are you doing especially when there are tons of examples, Arduino libraries and great prize awaiting – personal scope with USB. So be first and win! Continue reading