Tiny GSM Alarm System – The Smart and Portable Sensor Trigger

Did anyone here ever get in touch with the GSM call alarm or GSM SMS alarm before? If you did, then the Tiny GSM alarm system is going to be the masterpiece combination of the call alarm and SMS alarm! The main purpose of the tiny GSM alarm system is a device, which is can be used to operate standalone or as a module for existing alarm system. The tiny GSM alarm system is much more advanced than the previous, as it’s not only can arm or disarm the system with “enable” pin, but you can do the same task by simply calling from your own phone! Sounds like a cool add-on, isn’t it? Well, the tiny GSM alarm system is built on a very popular microcontroller, the PIC16F84A. In this case, you don’t have to bother with external EEPROM memory for SMS storage, as you have the option to use phone’s SIM SMS storage and phonebook memory for the storage task! Well, the GSM phone that is best compatible with the device is Siemens M35i. To be honest, it’s… Continue reading