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Great looking VFD modular clock

VFD or other tube based indicators and clocks always look great. Akafugu has polished his IV-18 8 digit based VFD clock which also comes as kit that can be assembled without a drop of solder. Clock is based on LPC1347 ARM Cortex -M3 microcontroller. It comes in two options, with or without GPS. The clock has all basic features you would expect including battery backup, alarm, optional GPS which is used to set time automatically, seconds can be counted with four different letter words. Project is based on open source firmware which can be hacked with your specific needs since there is plenty of memory and processing power left. Source is developed with mbed online ide and compiler. Continue reading

AVR Tiny based GPS locator

GPS device doesn’t have to be very complex. Simple Attiny2313 microcontroller can be used to read data from SR87 GPS module and display it to 2×16 alphanumeric LCD. As GPS module transmits data through serial interface it occupies only on wire so there is plenty space left for LDC, keyboard and buzzer. Keyboard is used to enter names for marked locations that are stored to EEPROM. Again, great fun project that almost pushes microcontroller to its limits. Continue reading

It’s Time to Have a Brand New Change!

You’ve already bored with the old-fashioned clock, but you think it’s unnecessary to spend the money buying a new digital clock, especially in this economic turbulence period? Well, if you’re really want to own a digital clock, then why don’t you spare a few hours and develop a sophisticated time display unit? Unlike the other time display, this one is slightly different, as it has a PIC18F1320 microcontroller for experimentation and installed with a cheap GPS module! Below here are some of the unique features of this time display: UTC time configurable (It’s for differencing time zones with DST option). Super low power consumption. Two difference time display modes (12 or 24 hour). A leading zero blanking option. AM/PM indication (Only available in 12 hour mode). GGA and RMC sentence status indication. For your information, this project requires the use of on-chip 8 Mhz oscillator, which is driving a six digit LED display. If you prefer a brighter and better display, you would like to consider applying a MAX6951 chip into the project. By the way, the MAX7219 display driver… Continue reading