Arduino based GPS data logger to SD card

You can use GPS data for many interesting projects and experiments. By analyzing logged data you can track the movement of the object, analyze you hiking route, RC plane model, weather baloon and other crazy stuff. Building such logger isn’t very complex task as it involves only standard modules and practically no soldering needs to be done. Almost all standard GPS modules support so called NMEA0183 data format – a short message which contains all data including position and time stamps. Once connected, GPS module automatically sends this data via serial interface. Arduino simply needs to capture it and store data to memory like SD card. In this project, data is stored in FAT32 (or FAT16) formatted SD card. Arduino accesses SD card through SD card V4.0 shield. This is simple a barebones for developing project further to fit your specific needs. Continue reading

Small and versatile GPS logger

Weirdlab has been building GPS loggers for some time but they seemed to lack autonomy and other features. So he came up with next version of logger which is lightweight and portable. The core is based on Teensy 2.0 – Atmega32U4 based Arduino. The GPS module PA6B is small enough to squeeze everything in to small PCB. Module is powered using BlackBerry Li-Ion 1100 battery. So there is a charging circuit included which is based on LTC4054-4.2 charger IC. The voltage from battery is stepped with LT1302 DC/DC converter. The main idea was to make LOG to be USB downloadable, so you wouldn’t need to pull out SD card. Arduino nature also gives easy way of updating firmware via Arduino IDE through USB port. Continue reading

Damaged GPS module serves as logger and compass

GPS modules in DIY projects are still quite expensive part. But you don’t always have to one make cool projects. Ktulu simply had a damaged Amstrad gp100 GPS receiver. It seemed not possible to repair, so he decided to use most of it and build GPS logger. The GPS module inside can be easily connected to PIC microcontroller serial interface which is based on NMEA V2.2 9600,8,N,1. It refreshes data every second. The other parts include home made PCB where PIC18LF252 microcontroller is soldered. GPS data is logged to SD card which is FAT16 formatted. Also it holds a Nokia 3310 LCD where current data is displayed. It includes number of satellites, log status, battery status, or it can simply work as nice compass. Once data is logged in to SD card, it can be visualized using GPSVisualizer software that works along with Google maps. Device is housed into old multimeter enclosure. Continue reading