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Arduinoboy – The Finest Combination of Arduino and GameBoy!

When I was still a teenager, I used to fascinate about the GameBoy and I spent countless money on the GameBoy equipment and games. Although I had already grown up, but I still have the same feeling about the GameBoy… Well, for those of you that also owning GameBoy here, then today will be your lucky day, as you will learn how to create an incredible “ArduinoBoy”! For your information, ArduinoBoy is the magnificent combination between the Arduino and GameBoy. ArduinoBoy is software for the Arduino hardware platform, which it allows serial communication (MIDI) to the Nintendo GameBoy for awesome music applications, such as LittleSoundDJ, Nanoloop and mGB! Meanwhile, you should know something about the mGB. This mGB is a GameBoy cartridge program, where you will need a Flash Card and transfer handware to enable the GameBoy to act as a full MIDI supported sound module. Beside that, it also compatible with the old DMG Gameboy and GBC/GBA as well. However, there is no interface as of yet so all sound parameters in this moment are fully addressed via MIDI.… Continue reading