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First steps with Freescale Freedom KL25Z board

Freescale is a great manufacturer which sometimes isn’t considered among common players like STM or NXP. They like many produce ARM controllers and so offer several development boards to play with. One of well known freescale boards are Freedom Bord KL25Z which has ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontroller clocked at 48MHz. It features 128KB of Flash and 16KB of RAM. Board comes with USB OTG. The dev board carries MMA8451Q accelerometer, capacitive touch slider, and RGB LED. All GPIO are available for further prototyping or expansion boards. Jan Henrik has covered this board on his instructable. He explains where to go next when starting with Freedom board. First of all he discusses software. Simply speaking all tools that are meant for ARM micros work with Freescale without problem. But fact is that Freedom board is MBED enabled, meaning that you can develop programs with popular online C/C++ editor, compiler and builder. Here you don’t have to wary about libraries and updates. So why not give a try. Then he goes through steps how to set up your first project in mbed.org and… Continue reading

Character LCD based spectrum analyzer

We used to see graphical LCD based spectrum analyzers. Anyway if your needs aren’t very high you may try to stick with character LCD where spectrum bars are generated of custom chars. in following design spectrum analyzer is based on Freescale HCS08 8-bit micro-controller running at 20MHz. It is able to analyze frequency range from 20Hz to 20kHz with 312.5Hz steps. So 16×2 LCD is capable of displaying 16 level bars. Result looks pretty impressive. Continue reading