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The Easy to Navigate Free Servo Control Software

Are you fascinated about the Servo and you’re always involving yourself in these types of projects? However, you’re thinking that it’s totally a painful experience, when you can’t found the suitable servo control software, which it’s written in “Visual Basic 5 Pro”? Well, if you’ve been searching for the reliable free serial servo control software for such a long time, then you now can stop the tiresome scouring journey, as you’ve now found the free servo control software, which it’s well written in Visual Basic 5 Pro! Basically, this free servo control software uses the PC serial port “com1” to talk to a Basic Stamp, or a PIC Micro programmed with MicroEngineerings PicBasic. Thus, you can use it to test any hobby servos! The port 0 on the stamp (port RB0) on the PIC is connected through a 22K resistor directly to the PC’s serial port “TX” on “com1”. Furthermore, the stamp or PIC will receive serial information from the pc to position seven hobby servo motors that attached to port pins 1-7. So, what are you waiting for? It’s… Continue reading