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Simulating particle behavior with FPGA hardware

I’ve found very interesting thesis on the internet written by John Beeckler at McGill University, Montreal. The research was about particle graphics simulation on FPGA graphics. Simulation results can be used for modeling water, cloth, explosion, fire, smoke and clouds behavior.   As usually computer modeling is done in software level, there is main limitation – calculation speed. Calculating at hardware level always gives better results but also gives a lack of flexibility what software can provide. But anyway for specific tasks like particle simulation FPGA running at 130MHz speed increases a performance by two orders of magnitude comparing to software methods. Even FPGA speed up a GPU processors for this task. Read whole thesis here. Continue reading

Traffic warning system for Los Angeles freeways

Traffic warning system or so called TDDY(Traffic Data Display ) is a vehicle-mounted, receive-only traffic warning system designed by Dubravko Gacina. System may be used to minimize the risk of vehicle like like public buses, emergency response vehicles, cabs, delivery vehicles accidents. An ATmega128 microcontroller and a matrix of 512 bi-color LEDs organized as a map of the Los Angeles freeways comprise the system.     Collisions between emergency vehicles and other vehicles are common events. Many of these collisions occur at inter-sections. Public vehicles approaching at 90 degrees to the direction of travel of emergency vehicles are very difficult to see. Sensors mounted on the vehicle could alert emergency vehicle drivers of approaching cross traffic. In such a scenario, sensors sends information to some sort of dispatching center which process incoming data and, in return, sends data to interested parties in form of positional information to traffic warning devices mounted in vehicles. This design presents an early implementation of traffic warning device. Conventionally, it uses server software hosted on PC and pager which serves as client to display position… Continue reading