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Beat proagrammable gate array

The name might sound complicated enough, but the project is actually a fun to use synthesizer –sequencer which also has an added ability to sample and compose. This project was built by two people as their final year project for Cornell University. As far as the hardware part is concerned, they use an Altera DE2 FPGA board for processing the data and a popular software by Mathworks named MATLAB as a user interface since it has an ability to create interactive GUI without much input. The synthesizer uses a combination of sampled and additively synthesized sounds to produce various instruments. The FPGA based sequencer takes input from a MATLAB GUI and sequences each instrument separately, allowing the user to make compositions in real-time. Moreover, an automatic gain control algorithm was designed and implemented to ensure that overflow would not result in distorted output. The design starts with user input to a screen of buttons on a MATLAB GUI. These sequences are periodically pushed out through a National Instruments Analog-Digital Converter into the GPIO port of the Altera DE2 board which… Continue reading