Flora – new player in wearable electronics

Probably you’ve seen LilyPad – and arduino compatible dev board which is mainly used in fabric based electronics. Lots of people love adding electronics in to clothes. These can be anything from LED signs or more advanced projects. Adafruit announced a new open source platform Flora, which is gonna be a great competitor to LilyPad. This is a new platform with new features some people may find interesting. First of all it is smaller size 1.75” diameter. It is based on Atmega32u4 what means that it have native USB support and obviously has HID functionality. You will be able to to program Flora to act like mouse, keyboard or MIDI device. Flora is module based system where with sewable conductive threads you can connect Bluetooth, GPS, accelerometers and many more sensors and devices. Limor Fried known as Ladyda have put lots of thought in it so it’s gonna be great refresher among wearable electronics hobbyists. Continue reading