Raspberry Pi picture frame with motion detection

Photo frames may be a great way of displaying images. Instead of static photos, they can cycle through bunch of them that keeps your attention for again and again. If it updates photos automatically from sources like Flickr then its better. Samuel got a Raspberry Pi from his girlfriend and so wanted to make something for her. So he decided that active photo frame should be nice. So he build pretty fun device which keeps updating photos from Instagram and Flickr. Another great feature is motion detection, which turns LCD once somebody closes in. Photo frame parts include USB based WiFi adapter which allows connecting RasPi to the Internet. A simple passive PIR sensor serves as motion detector. It is attached to Raspberry Pi GPIO. Photos are updated by using Python and APIs that sends requests for new images. Final touches like original frame completes it. Continue reading

Display Flickr images on Nokia 6100 LCD

Tinkerlog has posted a great post about how to build a digital frame that fetches pictures from Flickr. Project is based on Atmega8 microcontroller which downloads image from PC and displays it on Nokia 6100 color screen. Images are scaled to 128×128 pixels with 8 or 12 bit color depth. You don’t have to worry about connecting Nokia LCD as you can get it from Sparkfun with PCB and convenient SPI pins ready to plug in to a breadboard. The actual fun is to get Flickr images and transfer them to microcontroller via RS232 interface. Images are fetched with ready to use Flickr API, the rest is left to Python scripts that scales images and sends them via serial port. Put everything in a nice frame and it can be a great souvenir on your hi-tech table. Continue reading