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The Smart and Innovative Chimney Sentinel

Do you know that in every year, there are over hundred thousands of fires (140,000 fires), hundreds of casualties and in total of $257 million in property damage all across the United States? These losses represent 20 percent of all residential fires in the United States and the Chimney fires cause it all! In order to prevent the chimney fires more efficiently, you have to develop a smart and innovative fire detector and this Chimney Sentinel is the most suitable choice. For your information, the Chimney Sentinel is actually a probe that has been inserted into the chimney. It has a remote FLASH-microcontroller-based monitoring unit, where it can be used to detect a chimney fire. The more important thing about this tool is it keeps monitoring, detects and sounds an alarm, if the conditions persist that could lead to excessive build-up of creosote in the chimney. Creosote is mostly built up, especially when temperatures in the flue are too low. In this case, the Chimney Sentinel is doing its job, and sounds an alarm if the temperature doesn’t move through… Continue reading