This Fireflie NG is Awesome!

Have you ever saw the synchronizing Fireflies NG before? The most significant view of this Fireflies NG will be the big white ping-pong ball, which it has to be attached on the PCB (The ping-pong ball creating a very awesome view for this project). If you’re always wondered how to create a Fireflies NG, then you’ll have the chance to do it today! Basically, this is a synchronization project, where it can be flash randomly but after some time and influencing each other, they’ll flash in sync frequency. Small microcontrollers will be used in this project to simulate the fireflies. You must pay attention that each firefly acts autonomously and it is not a preprogrammed pattern. In other word, it is more like a self organizing system! The NG version is uses a small PCB or Printed Circuit Board and a RGB-LED. Since each of the firefly has its own value that stands for the power to flash and the value is rises over time. Which mean, if the power reaches a certain limit, the firefly will flash and the… Continue reading