More Things You Should Know About The Soundwave MP3

Did you ever wonder is there a way that you can develop a cool and sophisticated Soundwave MP3, where the idea is coming from the Transformer cartoons? In this project, you’ll learn how to exercise the ATA interface and access files using the FAT, and the proper ways to access the PCF8574 and MAS3587F through the I2C bus! This means, after the accomplishment of this project, you’ll have a very good understanding of ATA, I2C, FAT and MP3 files. During the development of  this project, you might found out that the sometimes, the cables can be unreliable, where you could be facing the problem with the LCD all day long, but it ended up being a cable where adjacent pins had shorted together! Continue reading

dsPIC WAV Player – The Best Reason You Enjoy the WAV Songs

If you’re looking for a suitable player that continuously playing your favorite songs in WAV format, then you have found it here. Today, you’ll learn the simplest way to create a dsPIC WAV player. This project is based on the microchip MDDFS library (Memory Disk Drive File System). The Integrated C source code can easily manage a FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32 file system and interface to a SD, CF memory card or an IDE hard drive. And, the best part about this application: its totally free of charge! The only disadvantage for this application, is the amount of memory it needs, where it can takes up a huge 23KB in flash or 1.4KB of RAM! First of all, you will need a way to output an analog voltage out of the PIC, and the PWM is the easiest method for this purpose. Next, you have to know how to get audio data from a *.WAV file. All you need it for now, is some link between the raw data from the WAV file to the PWM output. Lastly, the audio… Continue reading