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The SMT Reflow Oven Controller is going to Be Your Great Helper!

You’re tired of reflow soldering with the ordinary way? Then, how about spend some times and build a SMT reflow oven controller to help you off? The reflow oven controller is a device, where it controls a standard toaster oven to perform prototype and small batch surface mount solder reflowing operations. To be more precisely, the reflow can be used to control ovens up to 1800 watts or 15 amps in size. The reflow temperature is being customized through its RS-232 interface. Basically, the SMT reflow oven controller can perform the following three types of cycles: Preheat cycle – It preheat the oven up to temperature Reflow cycle – It runs the oven through the pre-defined temperature. Bake cycle – It uses to drive the moisture from moisture-sensitive components. The H8/3687 microcontroller-based SMT reflow oven controller is a very magical component, where it can transform a conventional infrared toaster oven into an effective reflow oven that can be performing thermal control. Furthermore, the EVB87 evaluation board is helping a lot in this project, as it provides an on-chip analog-to-digital converter,… Continue reading