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Wrist watch size Enigma machine

If you are WWII enthusiast or simply interested in ciphers then take a look at this great project. Basically this is a replica of famous German Enigma coding machine which fits on a wrist. It is built around Arduino and can be controlled with three buttons. Information is visible in graphical OLED display. User interface is quite well thought and robust. Initially you need to know a bit about setting Enigma wheels to start encoding letters. Custom enclosure and straps looks really firm and durable. Continue reading

The Diy Enigma Machine

Everyone is aware about the famous band Enigma from Germany which was formed in 1990.  This instruct able aims to build a fully functional electronica replica of the famous world German Enigma machine. The good thing, it’s able to encrypt as well as decrypt Enigma encoded messages. To implement, the LED’s a simpler but much widely used concept of multiplexing was implanted which works on the principle of persistence of vision. With the help of multiplexing,115 Led’s used only 38 pins which is still large but small when compared with the number of LED’s used. With the help of properly placed MOSFET;s and resistors, 36 push buttons used only 4 pins, and that is incredibly small. The board used to place all the boards and components was a Radio Shack 6″ x 8″ Micro Perboard is the perfect size to host all components as it provides just the right amount of space to fit everything on & will fit perfectly inside the Enigma box. After obtaining the exact dimensions of the original M4 wooden box, the next step was to… Continue reading