Home made PIC Ethernet board

Check out the following project. It is a PIC24F based development board which has few great features including USB, Ethernet and micro SD card. For Ethernet interface there is ENC28J60 chip used while USB is an Internal peripheral of PIC. Overall board is quite compact and still powerful. To be fully functional development platform, board has an expansion header where several expanders can be connected. Some of them are finished like touch keyboard, TV output and PS/2 PC keyboard, LCD, Temperature sensor. Probably best of it is web feature, where board can be accessed via WEB interface from anywhere in the world. Continue reading

Multifunctional alarm clock with internet connectivity

We continue to go through circuitcellar 2007 16-bit PIC design contest. Next project (second place winner), developed by DJ Delorie, is a cool multifunctional alarm clock that is connected to internet. Along with cool look of this clock it also has several nice features like automatic time setting on power up, can play streaming MP3 music and of course clock can be remotely managed from personal computer that is connected to internet. Alarm clock runs on PIC24FJ64 microcontroller. Internet connectivity is made through ENC28J60 IC. Clock also is equipped with graphical display, volume control and seven buttons for local control. Full project files are here. Continue reading