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Setting up ESP8266 based DS18B20 sensor temperature monitoring with Emoncms

esp8266 ds18b20 emoncms

If you are looking for ways of measuring and logging temperature data online, then you can try this one. Jhon_Control describes his setup in this instructable where uses ESP8266 module as microcontroller platform where DS18B20 probe is attached. As you may already know, ESP8266 has two programmable GPIO where one was used for reading temperature using 1-wire protocol. The temperature data is sent via wireless interface, but additionally it can be read via serial interface where other debugging information is present. The other part of project is where temperature data goes. He has chosen OpenEnergyMonitor (Emoncms) – the web platform which can be freely installed on your local host computer and even Raspberry Pi. Here you can have nice representation of data including graphs, history, calculations, and other fancy stuff.… Continue reading