Turn Signals generator for a Trailer

You can get turn signals from Imsolidstate for a trailer that will not involve any extra wiring. These are side signals that normally utilize the trailer’s electrical supply. That is not all; the trailer signals can also be used as the trailer’s clearance light. These kinds of signals work with a truck or trailer that functions on electric brakes and a brake controller. Any clearance light will work so long as it is standard. When installing the new turn signal, you only need to fix the truck’s wiring with the clearance lights. If you do not want to do this, you can add new lights, and then fix them to the wiring. The turn signals for a trailer made by Imsolidstate have a two clearance lamps. These LED lamps are attached and can be used as right or left turn signals for your truck. The good thing about these trailer signals is that they do not require you to tamper with the inner workings of the vehicle. If the device fails to work, you can always remove it without causing… Continue reading

Ice Tube Clock – The Coolest Vacuum Fluorescent Display Clock

Some people are craving for the coolest stuffs/gadgets, as a part of them didn’t even care to spend money out from their wallet, just want to buy the coolest digital stuff for their loved ones! Well, for those who enjoy making their own gadgets, maybe this Ice Tube Clock is going to be your next cool electronic project! As you see on the above figure, the icy blue-color ice tube clock is simply amazing. Look on the stylish and sophisticated design! Isn’t it the high-end digital clock that you’ve looking for all the time? Well, the journey is ended here, as you can now start to build a spectacular Ice Tube Clock immediately. By the way, there are several things that you need to careful, before you start the building project. The Ice Tube Clock is operated on a high voltage, which is ranging from 40V to 70V DC. Therefore, if you’re not familiar with the electronics, then it’s good to learn the fundamental electronics knowledge first. Please take note that the assembled unit must be properly enclosed. It’s to… Continue reading