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The Fantastic Digital Contactless MultiChannel Capacitance Level Sensor

Well, it might sound a little bit lengthy for you here, but this digital contactless multichannel capacitance level sensor is a remarkable system tool, where it has been specially designed for industrial. Basically, it has been used to detect liquid in the tubes of a pump or home automation applications (Example like laundry washer, water supply system). Furthermore, it also can be used as a multi channel, where some of the similar analyzing points are required. Here’s how the system works: The level sensor will detect the liquid level in a cylindrical, nonconducting vessel, where is covered by two identical, symmetrical plates. Then, the liquid level and dimension of the capacitor are going to determine the size of the plates. This system consists of four main parts, which as: Vessels, Electric Field Imaging Device MC33794, MC68HC908QY4 Microcontroller, LED-based dynamic indicating system. These four parts are fully related on each other. When signal on capacitor is processed by MC33794, the proportional value of direct analog voltage is moved out for microcontroller analysis. Normally, each voltage value is corresponding to its liquid… Continue reading