The Simple And Effective Capmeter is Ready For Your Service!

You always have to deal with the capacitances between conductors, but you don’t have any idea about the value of the capacitances? Well, if you having the chance to build a capmeter, then would you want to give it a try? Please don’t underestimate this capmeter, as it can be used to measure the capacitance, such as wires, PCB traces or the legs of a capacitor. You should be glad that this tool is able to measure and verify the value of capacitors. Beside that, you can also use it to test cables or analyze circuits as well! Ok, it’s possible to buy dedicated capacitance meters. However the problem is most of the devices are too expensive and it’s better to save your money in your wallet and develop a multipurpose capmeter by yourself! For your information, the capmeter can measure capacitances with a resolution of 1 pF in the lower end, while the max measuring capacitance for this capmeter is about 10000 uF! Another great feature of this capmeter is it has a menu system, where it allows calibration… Continue reading