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The Compact and Powerful AVR-based Power Usage Logger

Nowadays, the electronic and electrical fields have been developed in lighting speed, especially after the invention of Atmel AVR. For those of you that didn’t know this AVR for, it’s a modified Harvard architecture 8-bit RISC single chip microcontroller and it’s the fine product of Atmel that was been developed in 1996. Do you know that the AVR is one of the first microcontroller families, which using on-chip flash memory for program storage, as the opposed to One-Time programmable ROM, EPROM, or EEPROM used by other microcontrollers at the time? Today, you’ll going to be exposed yourself to the world of AVR, by DIY an AVR-based power usage logger. For your information, this device monitors household power usage and logs it to an SD card. A simple analog front-end amplifies the signals from voltage and current detectors. Beside that, an ATmega168 microcontroller will be used to compute the power consumption by simply using the formula P=V*I, where V is for voltage and I is for current! For the consistency, the voltage and current will be sampled at 9615 Hz so… Continue reading

Feel The Differences of The Sanguino Today!

You’re a home hobbyist that loves to spend most of the time developing cool and creative electronic stuffs? However, you still wish to create a super Arduino board that has many awesome features on a single board? Well, congratulation as you’ll try to learn to develop the Sanguino board today! Ok, first thing first, the meaning of “Sanguino” is a red and fun microcontroller board, which is based on the ATmega644P. If you’re already bored of the Arduino or wiring board, where the latter one can be costly indeed, then you can test your talent by simply design your very own Sanguino board! Since the Sanguino development project is only requires the Arduino software and it’s all in the open source, thus you won’t have any problem creating your own powerful yet multipurpose Sanguino board! Sanguino board has the following cool features, which made it unique than the Arduino and there are: The Atmega644P core 32 total general purpose I/O pins Eight analog pins Six Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) pins 64K flash memory 4K RAM 2K EEPROM Two hardware serial… Continue reading

DIY Your Own PIC Programmer Today!

You have been very frustrated about the already setup PIC programmer, and wish that you can have an easier to have a PIC programmer, which can be re-programmed easily? Instead of complaint about the matter, it is better to DIY a sophisticated PIC-Programmer for your own use… The PIC-Programmer that you are going to develop was a modification of a JDM-Programmer. This mean you have to connect the PIC-programmer with the serial com port of your computer! Since this device don’t even need any additional external power supply, thus you’ll save a lot of money here. Ok, you must be wondered that what types of PIC microcontrollers and EEPROM’s you should use in this project. Well, since there is no any restriction for the PIC microcontrollers and EEPROM, you can use this PIC-burner for PIC12C50x, PIC12F62x, PIC16Fxx, PIC16F62x and EEPROM 24Cxx. Compared with the other projects, this PIC-programmer is regarding as one of the easy to build and compact electronics project. The three LEDs on the board are used to indicate the state of the burning process. The signal for… Continue reading

The Simplest AVR Controlled Clock

You’re always having the determination, which you would like to build yourself a simple and easy to navigate Atmel AVR controlled clock? However, your dream seems doesn’t become a reality, due to the many factors? Well, it wasn’t too late as long as you have the urge here… Oh, for those of you that don’t know about the definition of “AVR”, it is a Harvard architecture 8-bit RISC, which have been fully modified and developed by Atmel in 1996. The AVR has been known as the first ever microcontroller that being used in the on-chip flash memory for the program storage purposes. The types of programs can be One-Time Programmable ROM, EPROM, or EEPROM. There are four basic families for the AVRs and there are: tinyAVRs, which equipped with 1-8 kB program memory and 8-32-pin package megaAVRs, where it’s a 4-256 kB program memory and 28-100-pin package XMEGA is a 16-256 kB program memory and 44-100-pin package Application specific AVRs, which are a megaAVRs with some special features that not found on the other members of the AVR family, example… Continue reading

The Cool Nano GPS Logger – Your Smart GPS Personal Tracker Assistant

Have you always being curious about your daily road trip, especially the actual journey length from your home to the working office? Well, there is a good way to fulfill your curiosity, and the thing you need here is this Nano GPS Logger. The function of this Nano GPS logger is to stores the coordinates, altitude and speed into an EEPROM. It does require software to converts the EEPROM data into the .kml (Google Earth format). This GPS logger can be used for the snowboarding, FPV flights, trial bike and hiking purposes As you seen, this GPS logger allows the user to record and converts the road trip from your working place to home. This concept is based on the GPS Engine Board (GPS FV-M8 Module), which it’s commonly used as a part of integrated system. This FV-M8 can be the best components for user system and it’s compatible with most of the mobile devices, example like PND (Personal Navigation Device), GPS, PDA, personal tracker or any kind of devices that need the sophisticated GPS features. Some of the characteristic… Continue reading