Alarm clock knows you’re still in bed

Probably you’ve heard lots about various types of alarm clock that are trying to get ones out of the bed. Ones require to solve some math to turn it off, others use flying helicopter that has to be found and put back, but still after doing these tasks there is still a “risk” to get to bed again. But I bet this one beats them off as it detects you are still in bed. I know such alarms are real pain in ass and they don’t last very long, but they can save your but from meeting your boss because you’re late to work. This particular design uses a e-field sensor placed in the bed and detect whenever sleeper gets back to sleep after alarm triggers. E-field sensor is interfaced to PDA where alarm can be turned off – actually bumped off for nine more minutes and if sensor detect you’re still in bed it starts alarm again. So don’t be late again! Continue reading

Smart E-Touch – The Remarkable Touchscreen-based User Interface

Maybe some of you here have been involved with the touchscreen, but how far do you think that you’re familiar with it? By the way, would you mind to spend a few minutes and develop this Smart E-Touch? The main objective of this project is to design an E-Field that based on a Motorola microcontroller. For your information, this project is based on a Motorola Nitron QY4 microcontroller. Honestly, this is an intelligent, low cost and dual E-Field sensed touchscreen design. By using the Smart E-Touch, you’re able to: Utilize the capabilities of the new Motorola E-field sensor. Implement a simple user interface design using the Motorola Nitron QY4 microcontroller. Design the user interface with lower cost. Insert a unique breakthrough concept in user interface design. The main reason why the Motorola Nitron QY4 microcontroller is being used in this project is to monitor and control a pair of MC33794 E-field sensors. In other hand, the E-field sensors will be used to monitor an XY grid on a PCB for the capacitive sensing of the touchscreen. An XY coordinate is… Continue reading

The Ultimate E-field Sensor

What’s your opinion about the E-field sensor? Do you know that E-field sensor is the most suitable component that being used for industrial application. The MC33794-based E-field sensor can be used to detect liquid levels in any plastic containers. The electrodes are made of aluminium foils and it wrapped all around the container circumference. The whole system is designed around the MC68HC908JK3 microcontroller. In this project, the MC33794 is being used for applications, where non-contact sensing of objects is desired. Normally, it contains circuitry necessary to generate a low-level electric field and measure the field loading caused by objects moved into the field. Beside that, the MC33794 is intended for use in detecting objects in an electric field associated with an electrode. The IC will generate a low-frequency sine wave, and the frequency is adjustable by using an external resistor that has been optimized for 125 kHz. Basically, the sine wave has a very low harmonic content, where it is to avoid the generation of harmonic interference. The internal generator that being included in this E-field sensor will produce a… Continue reading