Video generator for old BW monitor

Beke Andras has an old monitor which needed some repair. So he decided to build a video generator for it. This monitor uses different signal than composite so he started investigating the problem. He took a dsPIC30F301 based board and started prototyping. Later this grew into PCB designed with Geda software. Despite its different control, monitor still needed same horizontal, vertical and video signal. With a bit of code he was able to generate static images and moving characters (running horse). He used small special programs to draw static images and generate motion picture. Beke faced a small problem with horizontal size, and he hopes that someone with tube knowledge could help to solve this issue. Continue reading

Play chess with PIC

Considering how much power have modern microcontrollers there is no surprise what they are capable of. Following project developed by arthurb is based on DSPIC33F128MC804 microcontroller that runs at 80MHz. The final source isn’t limited by chess engine. There was enough room left for audio, keyboard, serial, VGA video, temperature sensor, RTC analog clock and even game of life. Code is written from scratch and is modular and well commented. Continue reading