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Accelerometer based sport analyzer

Well this is quite big project that include several microcontrollers including Microchip 18F, Texas Instrument DSP, also an Xbee transceiver. As this is a semester project it has a very detailed description of device working and building process that include making PCBs, building case with engraving. Sport accelerometer itself is used in athletics to determine their wrong foot steps especially near finish. Transmitter with accelerometer simple reads accelerometer data and then transmits it to computer with DSP. So coach can see when athlete makes a mistake (he even gets a sound signal when he does that) and can make corrections for the next time. Anyway if you aren’t interested in sport accelerometer itself, I encourage at least reading the PCB building process as it includes an oven soldering and other… Continue reading

Portable LCR meter on PIC microcontroller

LCR meters are included in professional measuring instruments are quite expensive to purchase. So if you need one and don’t want to spend too much money on that – the only way is to build one. This LCR meter is based on dsPIC30F4012 microcontroller. Device can be used to analyze the analog performance of any analog device. LCR meter combines various techniques like DDS signal generation, DSP algorithms to evaluate analog signal properties. Information is displayed on graphical LCD. Project description can be downloaded here [MT1769_Abstract]. Continue reading