Binary digital wristwatch for real nerds

It is said: “There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don’t”. If you choose understanding side, then you might want to wear binary wristwatch. Building such watch is fairly simple and easy, because you only need few components and even simpler code. Elias watch is based on PIC microcontroller which comes in SSOP-20 package. With few difficulties on soldering it to small PCB he had it running. Watch is powered from coin cell battery CR2032. With smart software solution combined with sleep modes this watch can last long. But the main point of wearing this watch to be identified as nerd. I’m not suggesting to replicate this one, but build your own version. Continue reading

Nice looking PIC24 watch with OLED

Jared has been working on his OLED watch and it seems that it reached the stage when if can be to test. Watch is equipped with several great features like USB HID communication, time, date with events and accelerometer. Watch firmware is RTOS based where he wrote all necessary drivers, graphics engine and PC applications for setting things up. He designed schematics and PCB by himself using Altium Designer software having small size in mind. Jared was about to look for 3D printer to do the case, but he found that aluminum case from iPod Nano fits just right. Watch already works, but there is much work to do on user interface and probably new features like Bluetooth, magnetometer and other things that bring it to fully featured smart watch. Continue reading

Make Your Own Watch

diy watch

The project main aim is to make a programmable watch which will have a four character display and can display anything from song lyrics to numbers to foul language and yes time too. The display is a four character based display made up of 5×7 led matrices. The input data line is 7 bit. However there is no need to for any current limiting resistors, pull-ups or even upper and lower case characters. The intelligent display is known by DLO3416 which is made by OSRAM semiconductors limited and is available in red, green walnut flavors. The microcontroller used is PIC16428A which is manufactured by Microchip and is easily available online or even at local hobby shop. In addition to the microcontroller, there is a charge pump also used which is known by MCP1253. It’s used to make a 5V display from a 3V coin cell battery. You might need a couple of those for backup. The other thing which are required are resistors and capacitors and most importantly a PIC programmer along with some sockets and jumpers Continue reading