The Atmel STK500 EVB – The Marvelous Component For Arduino Development Board!

The Atmel STK500 EVB is one of the most incredible starter kit development system features ISP and high voltage programming (HVP) for all AVR devices, which it can be either directly or through extension boards. Most of the time, the board is fitted with DIP sockets for all AVRs that available in DIP packages! Today, you’ll have the opportunity to see and learn how to configure an Atmel STK500 as an Arduino-based development system board. You must be wondered, “Why you have to use the STK500 instead of a real Arduino PCB?” Well, no one said you could not use it here, unless you already had it and the board carries eight switches, eight LEDs and a variable, software programmable AREF voltage as well as a variable power supply! When you’ve done with this project, you will have an STK500 running Arduino with the added advantage of pushbutton, LEDs on board, variable power supply and variable Analog Reference (AREF). Note: You must pay attention that the AREF short pin must be carefully inserted when the on-board voltage reference is to… Continue reading

The LM317 Regulator Mini Lighthouse LED Circuit

Do you know why this project named as “Mini Lighthouse LED circuit”? It’s because the LED circuit has a shape like a lighthouse and that’s the reason it got the name here! Basically, this is a simple “lighthouse” that when it’s powered up, it will rotate the beam around the 12 LEDs. This Mini Lighthouse LED Circuit is a very useful tool, especially for a model railway. For your information, this Lighthouse has several interesting features. The first feature is a full size ICSP connector, while the second is a socketed DIP version of the PIC12F683. Those 12LEDs is the maximum numbers of you can charlieplex from four tri-state pins. The PIC12F683 is an eight pin device that has five GPIO plus the MCLR pin, where it can be used as an input. You can keep one GPIO spare, GPIO four where it also happens to be an analog port that allow you to add a light sensor that turns the lighthouse on when it gets dark. Furthermore, this version has an LM317 regulator on the back so it can… Continue reading