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Compact Raspberry Pi camera

There are several Raspberry Pi based camera projects. PiJuice decided to build something even smaller, so he came up with compact camera project. He’s chosen Raspberry Pi A+ which is smallest Rasberry Pi. Next thing he had to deal with was power supply. He used PiJuice module which takes care of charging battery and generating necessary voltage for Raspberry Pi. There is one obvious choice for camera module so nothing to add here. On a back side of camera he attached Adafruit 2.2” TFT screen which comes with four navigation buttons. He also laser cut basic enclosure to make it look like real camera that can be taken anywhere for capturing photos and videos. Continue reading

Building full HD IP Cam out of Raspberry PI

If you will start looking good for IP camera, you will see that they cost decent amount of cash. If you are looking to use one for your own needs like home security or office monitoring, then look around if you have spare Raspberry Pi and camera module. These things are cheap. Antoine likes to have control over things, so he started an Open Source project where he builds FULL HD (1080p) IP cam that can stream video at 30fps. It sends standard H.264 encoded video over RTSP protocol which is used in security applications. As camera housing he used standard camera dome that can be found on eBay. To power the Raspberry, he implemented simplified PoE (Power Over Ethernet) on two twisted pairs from DC power adapter. The software part is based on Raspivid and Live555 RTSP Library. To get it working Antoine wrote step by step procedures that you need to follow in order to get it working. After some configurations made via WEB interface camera can be accessed through media player like Open VLC. Camera does not… Continue reading

Autonomous Tank is going to Blast Off Your World!

You’re in love with the battlefield scene and it must be interesting, if you can build an autonomous tank all by yourself, isn’t it? Well, since you’ve asked for it, then you got what you’re dreaming here! This autonomous tank is simply the best, as it not only smaller and faster, but it has an easier maneuverable than other tanks did. It has the capability to remove humans from dangerous areas instantly. The main purpose of this project is to design and build a scaled proof of concept for an autonomous tank. This is how the autonomous tank working: First of all, it uses infrared sensors to locate a target near the vehicle. Then, it approaches the target using a color tracking algorithm and a digital video camera. When the target is within shooting range, the turret is aimed and a projectile is fired automatically. The autonomous tank is built based on the ICOP Technology eBox-2300, where is act as the main brain of the tank. It responsible to read all the sensor data and operates the motors via a… Continue reading