Nixie tube based digital thermometer

It is always handy to have few digital thermometers around the house. You may want continuously monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures, Use it for specific needs, for instance when preparing food or regulating boiler water temperature. If you would like to check digital thermometer value from a distance, then you should go with bright display. You can always use large bright LED seven segment displays, but if you have few spare nixie tubes around, why not use them instead. Luca Dentella have build three digit Nixie tube digital thermometer based on Arduino. He has chosen 10K thermistor based temperature sensor which can be easily read through Arduino analog input. He wanted nixies to look even cooler, so he added RGB LEDs with WS2812 control chips underneath each tube. This way he could get cool effects by adjusting background color according to temperature values. Lately he completed his project by assembling thermometer on PCB he received. Only one thing that is still missing is enclosure. Continue reading

A digital thermometer using PIC16F84A and DS18B20

There are a lot commercially available digital thermometers in the market but why buy when you can build one? This project is very straight forward; it uses a PIC16F84A microprocessor and Dallas Maxim’s DS18B20 programmable resolution 1 wire digital thermometer to measure the temperature. The PIC16F84A is used to set the digital thermometer’s resolution and to read the temperature data using 1-Wire interface. Two 7-segment displays were used as the temperature indicator. The DS18B20 is capable of measuring temperatures from -55 to 125 degrees Celsius however the rest of the other components are not rated to operate at the temperature extremes. The device can still be used to measure the extremes of the range given that only the DS18B20 is exposed to the very hot/cold temperature. Continue reading

The Hypersensitive Digital Thermometer

Want to have a hypersensitive digital thermometer, but you have no idea where to start? Well, then you should spare few minutes and read on this article… Nowadays, it’s quite easy to build an inexpensive and accurate digital thermometer. With the easy availability of digital multimeters and integrated circuit temperature sensors, it makes the whole process even easier than before! For your information, you’re about to build a digital thermometer that based on PIC16F877 microcontroller, alongside with the temperature sensor LM35DZ and MAX232 IC. You can view the temperature measurements on a computer program, where it can monitor the state of COM ports of a PC. Continue reading