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RSS feed on seven segment LED digital clock

Some time ago Alexander has designed his LED clock that has way to much processing power for displaying time. So he managed to expand functionality and display some RSS feed data on it. 8x seven segment LED displays is enough to display various textual information fetched from RSS feeds. Currently clock is configured to show time, display RSS feeds or weather information. Display communicates to custom PC software via USB port and gets latest RSS information. If RSS header looks interesting, press a button on LED display and browser pops out with current page. There are even more cool stuff that clock can do. Continue reading

Digital Clock Based on the PIC16F84A

Ok, it isn’t a new and extraordinary task to build yourself own digital clock. However, you’ll get different feeling and experience, even you’re repeating the same projects for over hundred or thousand times! Let’s take an example. You’ve probably built several digital clock in the past, and you must think it’s silly to create another digital clock here. Well, let me remain you that this digital clock is slightly different from the others. As you can see on the above picture, this digital clock has a bigger and brighter LED display. The main purpose of this project is to build a clock that can display the time and date on ten seven segment displays. In addition, you have to make sure that the project can easily fit in a small red see-through box as shown on the above figure. Continue reading

The Amazing and Stunning Digital Clock

What’s your opinion about digital clock? If you have deep interest on digital clock, then this project is perfectly well tailored for you! This digital clock is slightly different than others, as it’s an Ultra High Accuracy Digital Clock For this project, a PIC16F873 is used as the main heart to control the input-output port. In order to make the circuit becoming even more compact, complex programmable logic device (CPLD) is also being used in this project. Since the building block of a CPLD is the macro cell, it won’t waste too much of space. Furthermore, the characteristic of non-volatility makes the CPLD the best device in modern designs, where it can be used to perform “bootloader” functions before handling over control to other devices that don’t have this capability! There are two important things, where you have to pay attention in this project. Firstly, when the digital clock measuring counts time of 1 second, it can be delayed compared with the correct clock. For your information, 1 second is made by counting 20 miliseconds in 50 times, where it… Continue reading

Digital Clock That Based on PIC16F84A

The clock is regarding one of the oldest human inventions, where it’s meeting the need to measure the time in the natural units, such as second, minute, day, month and the year. However, if you want to measure the time accurately, you’ll need the help of some devices. For your information, the sundials has been identified the earliest time measurement in human history. The ancestors used the sundial to measure the time of day by the direction of shadows cast by the sun. Due to its reasonably accuracy, the sundials continued to be used to monitor the performance of clocks until the modern days. Brother Paul has invented the first record of a minute hand on a clock in 1475. Alexander Bain, a Scottish clockmaker was the first inventor that patented the electric clock in 1840! Although the digital clock is one of the most common items in nowadays, but you cannot miss this digital clock. It is a small adjustable clock, where is based on PIC16F84A microchip. The hardware part for this project is quite simple, as it only… Continue reading