DIY ATtiny24/44/84 Adapter for STK500 development board

Do you like using Attiny microcontrollers in your projects? In any case debugging is necessary. Atmel has a nice series of development boards available for multi-purpose debugging and interfacing. If you currently have a STK500 development board, you will face a problem because it doesn’t support any of Attiny24/44/84 chips. You have two ways: either buy STK505 adapter which is quite expensive, or develop your own. This home made adapter supports SIP and HV programming modes and other modes that comes with STK505 adapter. If you will decide to build it here are Eagle cad files to download. Continue reading

Great project for learning PIC microcontrollers

This is really great project that can be built very easily. There are two ways on getting this board on tour table – order a kit, or build your own, as all necessary schematics are available. The core of this project is a 5×7 LED display assembled by using distinct LEDs. This allows you to generate primitive graphics and other display effects. Board also has 3 programmable buttons, piezo sounder, and RS232 connector. Most valuable thing for PIC starters here is that there are quite a bunch of well documented projects with detailed explanations and animations. The whole project description with examples takes over 20 pages. Have fun. Continue reading

AVR graphical LCD test board

Graphical LCDs with KS0108 controllers are used for quite long time like widely used HD44780 Text LCDs. So there are many projects and information available around the internet. Scienceprog has build simple single sided board for HQM1286404 128×64 graphical LCD with same KS0108 controller. The board can be equipped with Atmega16 or Atmega32 depending on memory needs. Also it has many other available features that allow to reach various complex applications on single board like 16MHz speed for high speed ADC applications, ISP for fast programming, RS232 communication block, potentiometer adjustable analog reference voltage (AREF) from 0 to 5V, graphical LCD with contrast potentiometer, 3 ADC inputs, 10 I/O pins, reset button, 5V voltage regulator on board. PCB small(100x50mm) single sided without wire strips. There you can also find program demo which KS0108 control library, and all other project files included. Continue reading

Simple and cheap AT89S learning board

If you decide to learn microcontrollers you always need a real board to test programs in reality. Using development boards rather than simulators is more exciting as you can see really working results…or not:). Tahan Prahara have developed simple cheap AT89Sxx development board that every beginner can build for learning assembly or C language programming.     Board can be equipped with one of 40pin MSC-51 series microcontrollers: 89S51, 89S52 or 89S53. S letter means that these microcontrollers are ISP programmable. Board schematic is simple as it has plain 32 GPIO pins available including serial port communication TxD and RxD pins. It is powered via simple 5V voltage regulator circuit. ISP programming adapter probably is the lowest budget. Personally me – I wouldn’t recommend to use it without additional protection circuitry like 74HC244 buffering. But anyway this also works ok if there is no power problems. PCB is single side and easy to build by using any methods you use at home including Laser printer toner transfer or ultraviolet exposing. Continue reading