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The PicBasic – It’s Time For You to Experiment With the PIC16F877!

As you know that, the PIC has being widely used in the electronic industry. Hence, it’s a very familiar phenomenon where you’ll find the PIC in the electrical appliances. Well, if you’re interested on how to experiment with the PIC16F877, then you should spend a few minutes and sit in front your desktop/laptop, as today you’ve the chance to learn how to use the PIC16F877 to control and interface with the Dallas DS1820 1-Wire Digital Thermometer. If you refer to the above figure, you can see that how easy the PicBasic makes it to communicate with smart peripherals, such as the DS1820. In order to accomplish the exact same thing, what you should pay attention in this experiment is the assembly language is like the difference between day and night! To be honest, this is an excellent example of the pure simplicity of using PicBasic. Instead of the huge time savings, you also don’t need to spend all day long doing the hand coding… Meanwhile, if you’re new to using ceramic resonators, the center-pin of the resonator should be connected… Continue reading