Portable 2.4GHz spectrum analyzer

Why would you need a 2.4GHz spectrum analyzer? Well maybe for fun, maybe for viewing what signals surrounds you. And you know there is a huge number of 2.4GHz transmitters around you starting with Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee, Wireless USB and other short distance wireless devices. In urban area the channels are overcrowded with these signals and sometimes trying to switch another one may be tricky because some particular channel is busy. This way your communication may fail or at least work erroneously. So here you might need a 2.4GHz spectrum analyzer to see what channels dominate. When speaking of 2.4GHz this doesn’t mean that your device works at exact frequency – 2.4GHz legally can vary in 80MHz limits starting at 2.4GHz. This particular analyzer uses a CYWM6935 module that talks to Atmega8 via SPI interface and scans frequencies from 2.4GHz to 2.483GHz with 1MHz step increment. To make things handy ant practical, all construction was placed in to old Nokia 3410 case with same LCD. As it is battery operated, there is no problem to take to any place and… Continue reading