DIY Your Very Own Home Power Monitoring System

You always want to cut off the monthly household electricity bills, but it remains a thought in your head, as you didn’t seem to make it becomes a reality! Instead of leaving the great idea sitting in your brain, why don’t you take some time and DIY a Home Power Monitoring System? For your information, this project is involving the use of current transducers, an Arduino and some custom software to monitor power consumption for your house. Normally, all the power measurements are being collected, graphed and made public on a webserver. Based on the above figure, you can see that the graph is measured in two forms: Approximate power usage and single phase. By using this system, you can measure the use of household appliances, such as lights, computer, air-conditioner, heating system, refrigerator and much more. You can also learn about how water heater warranty works. Frankly, it’s a very affordable project, as it cost less than $100. You can further save more if you’re adding a serial port to a router running OpenWrt or using a dedicated computer… Continue reading