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The USB Auxiliary Display is Superb!

Have you ever thought to develop a USB auxiliary display by your own? Ok, you might think it’s going to be a very tough project, but you’ve the wrong impression about it! Many people have created million of auxiliary displays for computers and most of them are for commercial use! The majority of them are serial port based, and many of the ones that are USB based use a USB to serial converter. There are mostly expose the display to Windows through a virtual COM port. The display that you’re going to create here is uses the PIC18F4550 with WinUSB and it don’t expose a virtual COM port at all! Basically, the display itself is a 128×64 parallel graphical model GDM12864H from SparkFun. The display will include a keypad and a bright backlight. As a result, it’s capable of displaying text, in either horizontal or vertical mode, and it can running in a pure graphical mode if you want it to be! Since the PIC18F4550 is used to control the display and scan the keypad, thus both the PIC and… Continue reading

A Cheap and Cute EnvStick USB Temperature Sensor

Living in this era, where the pen drives has been a very common stuff in our daily life; you will have at least one or more pen drives for you own purpose, isn’t it? Since the creation of pen drives, the diskette has been rapidly substituted by it. The reason why there are more and more people starting to use the pen drives because it’s easier to be carried due to its small size, unlike the old-fashioned diskette that will take up a lot of spaces! Furthermore, pen drives can also be act as the decoration to bring out your own personality as well. For your information, the EnvStick is a cheap and homemade temperature sensor, where it can be easily plugs into a USB port without further modification. Beside that, it provides a simple way to collect a room’s ambient temperature. This EnvStick is Windows and Linux software compatible. The EnvStick will show up as a serial port – a COM port on Windows boxes. As a result, you will need to wait a specified number of seconds to… Continue reading

The Multiple Useful USB7

For those of electronic fans/lovers, you must very familiar with the LED display stuff. Well, today I would like to introduce you this USB7, which it can be used in multi electronic tasks. The USB7 is a six-digit LED display, and it is normally controlling by a USB virtual COM port. The USB virtual COM port (AVR-CDC) is an USB-RS232C interface that using CDC (Communication Device Class) protocol on USB 1.1. The biggest advantage of using CDC is its can works extremely well on low speed USB with slower speed (This mean with an ATtiny 45 enough to accelerate the 4800bps 8N1) and thus, we can save a lot of money as the ATtiny 45 is so far is the cheapest component for USB-232C interface type project. Some of the cool features for USB7: Simple ASCII code that enables it’s to controls all display functions The all through hole parts and pre-programmed microcontroller features The kits are provide in three colors, with standard 0.56″ common anode display format The PCB available in: Regular Version and With Mounting Holes Version. Grab… Continue reading