Detecting colors with RGB LED and photocell

In some microcontroller projects you may want to detect colors. Ones used in industry level are way too expensive for hobby projects so there should be a simpler solution for this. Fjordcarver built a simple project that is pretty good at detecting colors. His setup uses an Arduino, RGB LED and Cds photocell as color sensor. The idea behind this is simple. It is known that photocell color response is similar to human eye. As photocell can give only one reading Aruino cycles through all three RGB LED lights and Cds reads all three reflections. Then it is up to software to determine the color out of reflections values. As one of commenters says – this should be enough for detecting when your tomatoes are ripe in greenhouse. Continue reading

The Innovative Color Detection Circuit

Those of you that loved to watch the spy or detective drama series, you must be amazed by the high tech color detection weapon/device that being used in the TV screen, isn’t it? Would you believe, if someone tells you that you can develop a compact-sized color detection circuit in within few hours? Frankly, it wasn’t some kind of joke, as you can really do it by your own. Oh, it seems that you’re wondering, “What can I do with this color detection circuit?” Well, good question! For your curiosity, you can use the color detection circuit to detect the color of an object. This is how the circuit works: By shining light of a certain color on the object and looking at how much light is reflected back, you can tell what color the object is! Ok, let say, if you’re shining a red light on a red object, that light will be reflected back instantly. Ok, now you’ve changed the color into blue, where you’re shining it on a red object, the object will absorb some of that… Continue reading