Multi-featured digital clock

MCU based digital clocks are all over the Internet. So making another one isn’t an option if you want to impress someone. Konstantinos have decided to expand his clock with additional unique features that makes it interesting and useful. As a base processor he used PIC16F917 microcontroller that reads clock data from DS1305 RTC IC. Clock outputs time in two formats – digital on LCD and binary on LEDs. This is already geeky but this isn’t it. It also has a digital humidity and temperature sensor SHT11 attached which displays ambient temperature and absolute (gr/m3) and relative (%) humidity. Continue reading

Wake up with sun anywhere you are

Direct sunlight is perfect for waking up in the morning. But it happens that there is no sun or simply your bedroom is in western side of the house. Then there is the only way – start cheating with sun simulator. It is based on ATTiny13 microcontroller which takes care of dimming the 150W halogen lamp. Alarm clock can be set to reach its maximum intensity from 2 minutes up to 8 hours. Microcontroller takes alarm signals from regular digital radio alarm clock so no need to do additional time tracking. I agree it looks a bit dangerous to have halogen lamp near pillow, but it is worth to risk for a bit of sun. Continue reading

Neat binary DCF-77 clock

This binary clock is actually a DCF=77 receiver which receives and decodes time information transmitted in Germany. Received signal is decoded by Atmega8 microcontroller and displayed in binary format on array of LEDs. Clock has internal counter which is counting time by itself in case signal is lost. When official time signal is received – internal time is adjusted. This project is licensed under the GNU license and can be downloaded here. Continue reading

Simple LED spectrum analyzer and clock for PC modding

Rubashka Vasilly likes do do computer modding on spare time. His latest modding project was LED matrix spectrum analyzer + watch that connects to PC via RS232 port. Device is based on ATS902313(or alternative ATTiny2313) microcontroller.     All design is made on two separate PCB’s. One for control board and another for two 5×8 LED dot matrix’s. Microcontroller program is written in BASCOM-AVR language. As you can understand Attiny2313 doesn’t have enough power to calculate spectrum, so all this is done in managing program running on computer which uses a bass.dll library. Project files are available for download. Continue reading