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1-Wire HVAC Monitoring System – The Smart Residential Geothermal HVAC System

In the past, the fresh air is normally comes in from open windows and doors. However, thanks to the advancement of technology, the new energy building codes, the HVAC system has been introduced and became a common stuff in human daily life. By the way, what is HVAC? Well, it’s a short acronym for “Heating, ventilating and air conditioning”. Sometimes, it’s referred as climate control. For your information, HVAC is extremely important in the design of large industrial and office buildings, especially those skyscrapers and aquariums. All the humidity and temperature must always regulated and maintain in a safe and healthy conditions. In this case, a HVAC monitoring system is a computerized control system, which is for controlling the climate in buildings. Basically, it helps to circulate fresh air and keeps the house in the appropriate temperatures. Let’s imagine, what will happen, if the HVAC monitoring system is absent in your house? Frankly, the 1-Wire concept is quite easy and unique. It revolves around the idea, which a single pair of wires can be used to transmit power and data… Continue reading